Proper Cowboy

Proper Cowboy

Released July, 2012

Additional Musicians:

  • Angelo Moore - Theramin and Vocals on Bulletproof Shine
  • Brahm Sheray - Bass on Richardson, Bulletproof Shine, Amsterdam, Big Star
  • Bob Menacho - Bass on Tightrope and MoneymakerKevin Blair - Bass on Downtown and Thrash
  • Jim Greer - Piano, Synths, Accordion, Strings, Drum Programming
  • Brandon Arnovick - Made a Bunch of Beats N Shit
  • Olga Kapustina - Asst. Engineering on Moneymaker, Add'l Strings on Downtown

Additional Singers:

  • Mike Chouinard, Katie Bishop, Marta Skeen, Larry May, Alisa Saario, Noel Garcia, Christine Kemp, Estee Schartz, Matthew Smith, Olga Kapustina

Produced and mixed by:

  • The Rondo Brothers and Diego's Umbrella

Engineered by:

  • Calvin Turnbull & The Rondo Brothers

Mastered by:

  • Richard Dodd