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Happy New Year!

January 17, 2019

Well it’s been a quiet winter in Lake Wobegon….

We’re happy to welcome in the new year. Everybody has been enjoying some time off from the band.

Jake has been in Puerto Rico with Hamilton. He had the pleasure of playing with the man himself, Lin Manuel Miranda. We’re excited to hear details.

Borgo has been spending a lot of time in his garden, enjoying life’s infinite possibilities. He’s been busy with Fiddlehed as usual and doing some traveling as well.

French has lightened up his boxing training regime. Right now he is focusing on technique and also toying with the idea of moving from Bantam weight to Super Welterweight. His next fight is in March.

Cup was able to finally master the Penny Farthing. He has been spotted riding around the Bay Area with a monocle in one eye and speaking in a faux British accent.

And Vaughn got to work on his new Homestead. In addition to working the land, he was also able to spend time in Costa Rica, where he officially kicked off The Great American Surf Comeback.

But now that the winter break is over, we’re back at it folks. Look out for new things in 2019. We’ll be playing a new set at our live shows, we’ll be releasing some new material, we’ll be introducing some new merch, and most of all we’ll be busy writing new material. 2019. The year of infinite possibilities. And we’ll handle all the ups and downs like True Gentleman. We’ll show up on time, we’ll look your mother in the eye and shake her hand, we’ll open doors for your father, we’ll buy girl scout cookies from your daughter, sneak out back to have a cigarette with your grandma, and as always….we’ll Thrash Responsibly.