“Diego’s Umbrella’s live shows are passionate and uninhibited, with songs often as catchy as they are irreverent. Their lyrics weave stories of fantasy, erotica and mystery, with enough absurd humor to remove even the faintest hint of seriousness. Other songs are sad, lonesome and sincere.” 

-Phil Reser, Enjoy Magazine, November 2012 Full Article

While the LP features Diego's Umbrella in its most produced and modern state ever, the playful lyricism, quirky choruses, bright melodies, crisp acoustics and punked-out violin and accordion that hooked listeners in the first place is all still there.” 

– Myles Cochrane, Times-Standard, October 2012 Full Article


"Months of anxiously waiting to see Diego’s Umbrella live has paid off tremendously on my end.

– LeAundra Jeffs, Slug Magazine, October 2012 Full Article

"If you like your pop rock with an exotic flair give Diego’s Umbrella’s crisply produced fourth album, Proper Cowboya whirl."

Shawn Donohue,, October 2012 Full Article


 “Enthusiasm is front and center on the futuristic Spaghetti Western that is proper Cowboy. Not only is it a testament to Diego’s umbrella’s love for the craft, it easily places them in the ‘best kept secret-turned next big thing’ category.”

 – Julia R. DeStefano, Performer Magazine, October 2012


“ The band’s music has that punk vibe that gets your head nodding, as well as the busy-ness of klezmer that gets your feet moving. They have a knack for pleasing crowds, so if you ever have the opportunity to catch a Diego’s Umbrella show, you won’t be disappointed.”

- Michele Zipkin,, October 2012 Full Article


"San Francisco-based gypsy rock masters, Diego's Umbrella, is a riot live and on their new recording, Proper Cowboy."
“With a title nod to spaghetti Westerns, there is something wild and unabashed in Diego's music.”  

-Matthew Forss, Inside World Music, September 2012 Full Article


"They have to have intense musicianship and strong vocals in order to support and shine above their party atmosphere stage show they can put on."

-Linda R. Tulett, Jam Bands Online, August 2012 Full Article


"When listening to “Proper Cowboy” I can hear influences in the music of Diego’s Umbrella that ranges anywhere from Gogol Bordello’s gyspy-punk to Sublime’s ska-infused groove with some electro-pop thrown in for good measure."

-Pop Culture Madness, August 2012 Full Article


"Proper Cowboy encompasses reggae, flamenco, techno, mariachi, lounge-jazz ballads, Broadway show tunes, spaghetti-Western scores and (sweetly, if a little strangely) anthemic Brit-pop." 

"While its members’ instrumental skills are solid and versatile, Diego’s Umbrella differs from most “gypsy punk” outfits by emphasizing vocal melodies."

-Mark Jenkins, Washington Post, August 2012 Full Article


"Part European gypsy troupe, part nouveau hipsters, blended with musicianship and a party atmosphere live show, Diego’s Umbrella hearkens to the best of the past while remaining firmly planted in the future."

-Joe Lopez, Modern Times Magazine, August 2012 Full Article


"The dance-worthy record, created in collaboration with San Francisco producers the Rondo Brothers, employs the frenzied Eastern European-influenced flamenco guitar and fiddle, along with analog synth and “an army of tubas” to create a mesmerizing landscape of sound, with images of twirling dancers in flowing red skirts and pirates with long swords held between their teeth spinning through the cliched mind."

-Emily Savage, SF Bay Guardian, July 2012 Full Article


"In summation: A futuristic spagetti Western with a soundtrack with a sound like Flogging Molly and The Clash." 

-Jennifer Liebrum, Idaho Mountain Express, July 2012 Full Article


"This album, for lack of a better term, has balls. Plain and simple."

-Randy Goss, Earbits, July 2012 Full Article


Pre-Proper Cowboy...

“Where Gogol Bordello meets Muse. These underground heroes will soon be international superstars.”

- Associated Press


"Both Diego’s albums, Viva La Juerga and Double Panther, are exciting twists on popular gypsy fusion, encompassing DeVotchKa’s dramatic sound and Gogol Bordello‘s intensity."

- Crawdaddy Magazine


“With guitars straight out of a Tarantino movie, the group seamlessly blends mariachi, gypsy, flamenco and ska into one beer-soaked fiesta, with song topics varying from heartache to revolution.”



"Diego's Umbrella has created a worldwide smorgasbord of fun music that ultimately plays like a cultured clown's party mix."

- Performer Magazine


“A six-piece powerhouse of Gypsy Rock, with a penchant for minor keys and a certain quirkiness that wins over crowds night after night.”

- ChicoER, April 2012 by Bruce Smith-Peters Full Article


"...these guys are devious on stage, inciting riots of dance and drinking with their punk-flavored gypsy rock and swing."

- Flagstaff Live, March 2012


“Diego’s Umbrella has been described as sounding similar to the gypsy punk ambassadors Gogol Bordello and DeVotchKa, but the good-time troubadours masterfully weave both childish playfulness and a smoky sexiness into their own music.”

-The Source Weekly, Feb. 2012 by James Williams Full Article


“If you mixed a gallon of coffee with a ball of fire and a fifth of tequila and slammed the whole thing in one gulp, you’d have one hell of a night―but if you prefer a blown mind to a ruptured stomach, you should see Diego’s Umbrella instead.”

-GoodTimesSantaCruz, Feb 2012 by Scott Morely Full Article


“They have a song to which the only lyric is “moustache.” If you need me to say more, I’m not going to…except that this Bay Area gypsy Pirate polka funk outfit is a crotch punch of a good time.”

-, Dec. 2011 by Aaron Davis Full Article


“Diego’s Umbrella have the theatrics of a headlining act and the attitude of a carnival house band, making them a particular and extraordinary act to witness live.”

- Kata Rokkar, August 2011 Full Article


“This ambitious and hilarious new single from San Francisco’s rising stars Diego’s Umbrella is like Gogol Bordello meets Queen (high praise, dears). “Richardson” is as pop as it is prog – a seamless conflagration of styles that emerges from their strange contraption as a power pop gem. Ridiculous, expansive, and beautiful.”

- Fun Fun Fun, August 2011 Full Article


“Their quirkiness has enabled them to travel around the world, and garner them attention in both radio and television. They guarantee their fans and listeners that each and every one of their shows is a good time. By putting their best feet forward and maintaining their high level of tireless energy, Diego’s Umbrella refuses to take anything too seriously. They just want to take you along for the ride.”

– Glide, March 2011 by Katz Bryan Full Article


"Just when you thought polka couldn’t get any cooler, Diego’s Umbrella had to go all high seas punk on us. "

– Sonoma Press Democrat, Jan. 2011


"Every music group wants to have a singular sound, a genre all to itself. So hats off to Diego's Umbrella, clearly a one-of-kind band."

–, Jan. 2011 by Tim Parsons Full Article


“When a band describes its sound as "Mexi-Cali Gypsy Pirate Rock" or "Klezmer Flamenco Ska," I'm guessing its members get pretty used to winning over skeptical crowds.”

- Lehigh Valley Music, August 2010 by Michael Duck Full Article