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The Crown

Current Fake Dog Breed names I’m using at the dog beach….

Pucklechurch, Little Dribling, Upton Snodsbury, Barton by the Beans







The Killing

So I’d like to talk about The Crown….

It has one of the most exquisite soundscapes out there. I think I could just listen to an episode, like an old time radio show. 

The show even has me thinking in an English Accent and using British sayings.

What a great program.

Well done, you.







The Knick

Has the world agreed upon a sneezing etiquette for mask life? 

I swear every time I feel one coming on I panic. I find myself bracing, as one does against a rogue wave, and then inevitably doing whatever it is I shouldn’t do in that specific environment. 

The hot glare of judgment and outrage coming from my fellow grocery store shoppers.





Another band name if anybody’s in the market:

“One, two, three, four, Farve!”






One thing we get asked is if we forget lyrics on stage. The answer is yes, all the time. 

I was reminded of this listening to a Paul McCartney interview where he was talking about it. He said this is why he, along with many big artists, use teleprompters that are cleverly hidden about the stage. (The way he pronounced teleprompters was the English way of: tell-ee prompters.)

Anyway I wish we had the luxury of lyricial teleprompters at our feet, or as Mettalica calls them: Word Wedges. Until that happens we will just continue to use the back alley trickery of mumbling or singing the same verse twice.





The Leftovers

There was a painter in the 1700s, Joesph Ducreaux, who painted unconventional portraits of people, like Lords and Barons yawning, or a noble looking annoyed with one eye open. 

I like this guy





Perry Mason

You know the old stereotype of `the dad’ complaining about "all the lights being on" or "the thermostat keeps being changed" is not true in our house. It’s the opposite. 

I go around turning on TVs and lights in rooms I’m not in, it’s like a bunch of nice warm fires going around the house.

The wife goes around turning all the shit off and it’s a nice romantic cat and mouse game we have, only she doesn’t do it for the energy bill, she just does it because we can’t stand each other.







Mad Men

Can we talk about Face Time and Zoom in the house!?

I swear I’m ducking and weaving every day just so I don’t gave to get roped into small talk with somebody I didn’t call. And these people don’t need to know what I look like in real life.

Face time and Zoom need a regulatory committee, need some standards and guidelines up in herrr.





Sharp Objects

So..... I asked the wife if I could use the saying: “Life sucks, get a helmet” when talking to the kid about challenges and difficulties.

It was a hard no.







Game of Thrones

New American Football rule proposal:

On second down, the Quarterback has to pass with his non throwing hand.





Big Little Lies

I’ve tried to institue a new saying which is “Winston Churchill it."

Winston Churchill it. Verb; to run a business, or country, from your bed. 


I don’t know why, but I got the sense from The Crown that the dude did kind of just that. I tried using this saying with my family and it got off to a slow start. I’m not giving up yet. Just like Winston, never give up.


Naked Movie Reviews


Trevor and Curt


Naked Movie Reviews


Trevor and Curt​

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